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Welcome to the Modern Web Design.

📖 Lecture 1—Selector and Actions

In web technology that runs on browser, we use HTML, CSS and JavaScript. HTML is for organizing and groping content. CSS is for setting visual styles of the content. JavaScript adds interactive behaviors to manipulate the content and to change their styles.

In the first lecture, make sure you learn the foundation of the web — HTML and its structure.

We will need some CSS skills to layout elements and set basic styles. But CSS is not the focus in this course.

Basic HTML and CSS

You can learn basic HTML and CSS technique in this website:

Building your first web page by Shayhowe

CSS Layout

Usually we need to layout elements in the web page. This is done by CSS. The following website shows you several common techniques we use layout elements.

JavaScript basics

The following link helps you get started writing JavaScript and it also covers basic usage of jQuery.

jQuery by Shayhowe

The Official jQuery Guide

After going through the links, you may want to learn more by visiting the following official jQuery guide.

Using jQuery Core

Code examples

Here are some basic jQuery examples.


After going through the links and code examples in this lecture, you should be able to code a basic HTML web page with CSS layout. _

—Thomas Mak